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A New Kind of Partnership


It greets me first every morning

And also tucks me into bed

It’s my constant companion

The voice within my head


I set every intention to lose it

To give it wings—to set it free

Yet it always chooses to stay

And to inhabit ALL of me


My overthinking mind is very much like yours

I’m at its beck and call

It orders, commands, and loves to take charge

It’s not a program I would ever choose to install


But evolution deemed this necessary

To help me to survive

Yet my wants are so much greater

So now I’m choosing also to thrive


I’ve had enough of my unhealthy stories

I’ve had enough of “mind-made” me

There is a greater vision

That my future self can see


Beyond the overthinking

And all of my false truths

Beyond the limiting beliefs

That still remain with me from my youth


Yes, I’ve suffered because I’ve been bullied

Yet it is I who am to blame

It is my self-created “stories of struggle”

That constrict me time and again


By the way, this realization

Took years to unfold

And I can promise you, without question

That it is worth its weight in gold


There is nothing more valuable

Than a peaceful mind and an open heart

Mind training is immeasurable

And it’s the only place to start


But it has to become a daily practice

To rewrite your script and to rewire

For you are teaching your miraculous brain

A completely new way to fire


Remember, you’ve been using specific words

Thinking specific thoughts, and behaving one way

You’ve developed habits, good and bad

That you’ve been living and supporting each day


It’s the inner work that will lead you

To overall ease and well-being

There is nothing more transformative

And ultimately freeing


Than rewriting your most important stories

And creating new versions of self

And learning just how to prioritize

Your state of mental health


I’ve stopped needing to fix every part of me

And everything I deem wrong in another

I spend less time wanting for life to be different

And so I’m a much better person and mother


And so whatever life may throw my way

I now have a tremendous toolkit with a golden key

One that I can choose to open

As needed—just for me


So yes, it still greets me first every morning,

And also tucks me into bed

It remains my constant companion

But it’s a new and improved voice within my head


Because I have learned how to manage it

And I continue to train it well

My mind and I have developed a new partnership

With a new and enriched life story to tell


You too, can learn how to do this

Your trained mind can be at your beck and call

It will be kinder, gentler, and more mindful

A program you would gladly choose to install!


We have a duty to evolve the brain

And a very real obligation

To change collective consciousness

For every future generation


Essential? Absolutely

Possible and doable? Oh yes

The alternative…it’s not pretty

Underlying unhappiness and chronic stress


So let’s make this happen—

One person at a time

The responsibility needs to be shared

For it is both yours and mine




Coach Terri


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