Lecture and Workshop Series

This is my understanding of what is: People doing personal growth work, running from seminar to seminar and book to book, in search of life-changing wisdom. Each event they attend, each missive they read, provides fleeting moments of inspiration akin to “spiritual entertainment,” but sadly, few people actually succeed in achieving real and lasting change.

This is my vision of what could be: People doing personal growth work, engaging deeply, applying life-changing wisdom that results in genuine change. Each lecture or interactive workshop of mine that they attend will provide enduring inspiration and solid practices for change, teaching as well as motivating people to do the work of real transformation.

Through my lectures and workshops, I offer people the opportunity to move from what is to what could be; from passive listening to inspired action. I combine prose, poetry, and storytelling to excite and ignite participants to embrace their personal growth and move boldly through any fear or uncertainty, creating positive and lasting change in themselves.

  • Single Lecture
  • Unlimited Participants
  • $600
  • Regular Rate
  • Minimum 6 week commitment
  • 100% payable when booking
  • Bonus workshop if 100% paid
    when booking
  • Workshop Series
  • Maximum 15 Participants
  • $300 x 6
  • Introductory Rate
  • Minimum 6 week commitment
  • 50% payable when booking,
    50% in 3 weeks
  • Bonus workshop if 100% paid
    when booking

New Life: Chapter One
Lecture and Workshop Series

Please Note: all topics can be offered in either a lecture or an interactive workshop format. All content can be customized to meet the needs of a particular audience and age group.

The Tug-of-War of Change: Soften the Tug-of-War into a Gentle Dance

Although full of good intentions, we are all guilty of broken promises, neglected goals, and missed opportunities. We have all struggled with the inner tug-of-war of change and found ourselves hovering in that uncomfortable and uncertain space between old and new. Join Terri Klein, Author, Poet, Teacher, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker as she shares her personal and challenging journey through change. You will leave Terri’s lecture with newly acquired tools and a take-home action plan in hand, ready to walk the path of change yourself, knowing that change is not only possible, but very doable!

Begin Within: Discover the New Science of Happiness

People take medications of all kinds as they have been scientifically proven to alter one’s internal chemistry thereby allowing the body to heal. What if you were told that by taking your daily dose of positivity and scattering optimism throughout your day, you could alter your own brain chemistry to become happier, healthier, more creative, and productive? Join Terri Klein, Author, Poet, Teacher, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker as she redefines the personal growth paradigm by sharing the latest research in Positive Psychology – the New Science of Happiness. You will leave Terri’s lecture motivated to choose happiness in order to fully flourish and thrive.

The Power of Choice: Choosing to Bridge the Gap between Pain & Pleasure, Ego & Soul

We have all worked our way through challenging circumstances and dark chapters that have seemed at times insurmountable. We have all pondered the very challenging question: Why do bad things happen to good people? Join Terri Klein, Author, Poet, Teacher, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker as she moves beyond the intellectual realm in order to examine the spiritual and emotional dimensions of suffering. Terri shares her personal, heartfelt story of pain and triumph. She offers tools and life skills that will help you to bridge the seemingly endless gap between pain and pleasure, and ego and soul. She will leave you filled with the inner strength necessary to embrace your power of choice.

Thrive or Survive: Building Relationships & Marriages that Really Work

Everyone’s heard the statistics, and they’re not encouraging. In an article entitled The All-or-Nothing Marriage, The New York Times reported that although the divorce rate has settled at around 45%, “even those marriages that have remained intact have generally become less satisfying.” Let’s challenge that reality by making marriages more satisfying; it’s high time to generate some new statistics. Join Terri Klein, Author, Poet, Teacher, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker as she shares her A-Z Guidelines on how to evolve any relationship and take it to the next level. You will leave Terri’s lecture filled with optimism, enthusiasm, and solid practices that will greatly help you to enhance your relationships and your marriage.

A New Normal: Preparing to Empty Your Nest

The book of life is divided into numerous chapters and we are expected to move through all of them as they unfold, no matter how vulnerable or disempowered we may be feeling. Join Terri Klein, Author, Poet, Teacher, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker as she takes a deeper look into parenting and the empty nest chapter. No one ever said that it would be easy, or that we’d be able to move seamlessly through this intricate chapter. Yet Terri offers eye-opening advice and very practical take-home suggestions on how to prepare yourself for this inevitable time and fully embrace it – not as an end but rather as a new beginning.

The Art of Grieving: Finding Your Way Through Loss

Most people would prefer never to talk about pain, suffering, loss, and especially death, but they are a very real part of life that needs to be addressed. Join Terri Klein, Author, Poet, Teacher, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker as she discusses the art of grieving and shares her own personal experiences through grief and loss. You will leave Terri’s lecture with a greater understanding of the universal stages of grieving, yet with the perspective and guidance to honor and experience it in your own way and without the pressure of a designated timeline. This will give you the necessary permission to move through your feelings of fear and uncertainty.


Here’s why you want your people to attend my lectures and workshops:

When I speak, my ultimate goal is for all participants to leave with take-home messages that resonate and will translate into a new and happier way of living. Attendees will walk out eager to try something different and ready to experiment with some of their newly acquired tools. They will be enthusiastic about doing the inner mind work and also motivated to back it up with a supportive action plan. Furthermore, they will carry this motivation with them well into the future.

In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor writes, “You can eliminate depression without making someone happy. You can cure anxiety without teaching someone optimism.” People often try to get rid of something bad only to attain something average. In my talks and workshops, I encourage people to strive to become fully realized by claiming their true selves and reaching their full potential.

Change is inevitable; it can be positive or negative, but growth is a choice. Every day we get to decide whether we want to move forward or remain stagnant, whether we want to grow or stay safe within our comfort zone. In my workshops, I challenge everyone to step into unknown territory and stretch from there!

Take action towards real change. Join forces with me and together we will take charge to co-create a personal plan for everyone’s New Life: Chapter One.

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I look forward to hearing from you.



Terri’s high energy and conviction in getting the most out of life by investing in one’s emotional well-being is truly inspiring.

Theo HeldmanVice President at Invesco

I have started putting her words into practice and I can already see the difference!  Thanks Terri for an awesome presentation!

Vanessa G.Supervisor, Client Administration - Invesco

By using personal examples as well as research into her subject matters, Terri leaves no stone unturned when discussing her curriculum.

Mike KoreenThinkaholism 6-Week Workshop: March - April, 2016

I think your program is comprehensive and completely relatable to anyone who is open to improving his/her emotional life.

Sheri Kagan Thinkaholism 6-Week Workshop: March - April, 2016

The process of bringing awareness to my limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering self-thoughts and feelings was pretty incredible and transformative.

David Hanser Thinkaholism 6-Week Workshop: March – April, 2016

The importance of keeping our minds healthy and exercising them just as much as we exercise our bodies resonates with me.

Irit Shoval Periodontist

Terri provided us with doable “work” to take home to start our personal growth. Although her session was just a taste of what one can get out of her multi-session programs, we were all motivated to challenge our negative belief systems, and become a stronger team.

Andrea Heckler Orthodontist

Terri is an engaging and captivating facilitator who delivers practical tools for real results.

Alison Green Dating Coach & Professional Matchmaker

She effectively combines the  “conceptual” with the “pragmatic” and ultimately leaves her audience with a prescription for achieving positive change.

Daniel WaltmanThe Tug-of-War of Change Participant

Though there was a large audience present, I immediately felt as though she was speaking to me personally.

Rabbi David SeedThe Tug-of-War of Change Participant

This is an inspiring lecture and I recommend anyone wishing to reinvent him or herself in some way to attend and be inspired.

Sylvie B.The Tug-of-War of Change Participant

I would highly recommend Terri and her program. I have used the take-aways every day with game-changing effects.

Mike ShriquiThe Tug-of-War of Change Participant