How to Calm the Anxious Adolescent Mind

Are you feeling exhausted and/or helpless watching your children’s lives get overtaken by stress and anxiety?

Chabad Markham was pleased to offer an evening entitled “How to Calm Your Child’s Anxious Mind,” with life coach, author, and lecturer Terri Klein. Terri was very well received by parents of all ages and stages. The parents were thoroughly engrossed throughout the entire lecture and had ample opportunities to ask questions and concerns. Terri’s lecture is animated, interesting and very, very informative.

Rebbetzin Goldie Plotkin

How to Quiet the Overthinking Mind

Are you feeling reactive and “triggered” by life? Are you seeking a more balanced and meaningful life?

Well researched and well delivered on a very important topic (mental health) that should be part of everyone’s education from an early age.

Richard R. (Toronto)Director of Finance of a non-profit organization

You have a wealth of knowledge. I like your warmth, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and energy. You are an excellent coach and put tremendous effort into your workshops.

Joan Katz (Richmond Hill)

Terri was extremely knowledgeable and very approachable. She had such energy and spoke with passion. The topic was very interesting and I am learning how to rewrite my stories.

Rhonda Shlanger (Richmond Hill)

Women’s Wellness Circle

A Wellness Circle is a safe and confidential space for like-minded women to gather, to connect, to share, and to empower – to feel seen, heard, validated, and valued.