Individual Coaching

This is my understanding of what is: People living on autopilot, busy chasing time, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and depleted. I see people tethered to technology, stressed, anxious, and unsatisfied. I see disempowered beings feeling stuck, unworthy, unsupported, unappreciated, and therefore unhappy.

This is my vision of what could be: People living life fully alive, feeling fulfilled, passionate, living on purpose, and excited to contribute and make a difference. I see curious people wanting to become more creative, effective, and have a greater impact. I see empowered beings feeling confident, worthy, supported, valued, and therefore happy.

Through my individual and group coaching, I offer you the opportunity to move from what is to what could be; from stuck to empowered. I will help you to write a new script for your life, with a clear vision, direction, and endless possibility. We will then co-create this new story together as your New Life: Chapter One.

  • Single Session
  • 50-minute session
  • $100
  • Minimum 6 week commitment
  • 100% payable when booking
  • Session Series
  • 50-minute sessions
  • $90 x 6
  • Minimum 6 week commitment
  • 50% payable when booking,
    50% in 3 weeks

Your resume may look perfect,
but what will your eulogy say
about the person behind those accomplishments
and how you lived your life along the way?

 You need not wait for a crisis to hit
before you turn your life around.
Change is possible and doable,
long before you hit the ground.

As your journey unfolds remember to ask:
How is your life story working for you?
Are you the hero, co-creating your script,
or are you merely passing through?

As coach I now challenge you
to create your very best chapter yet.
If you are committed to real change,
then I think it’s time we met.

My energy will excite and ignite you;
my powerful questions will bring you alive.
My core philosophies will teach you
how to flourish and not just survive.

Let us take this journey, hand-in-hand;
let’s be vulnerable and show up on-purpose.
Please give yourself permission to grow,
for you are most definitely worth it!

Here’s why you want to start working with me:

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Viktor E. Frankl said, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

I say, “Let’s redefine our relationship with change, making it less of a tug-of-war and more of a gentle dance. The myth that change is difficult can be broken if you understand the power of the mind.”

You cannot change a behavior unless you first address the underlying thoughts and beliefs that drive it. As your coach, I will help you to transform on both levels, first by empowering your mind, and second by co-creating an action plan. Together, we will make change possible, doable, and real!

Venture outside of your comfort zone with me. Learn how to shift your perspective and let go of your perceived limitations and false beliefs. Only then will you be able to write your new script and live your best chapters yet!

Call now to start your coaching sessions: 416-666-7422

I look forward to hearing from you.



With Terri’s guidance, in a matter of weeks I was able to not only identify a very destructive life-long story, but re-write a new one for myself that has truly given me a sense of joy that I never dreamed possible.

Kelli CoteCertified Personal Trainer

Terri is a highly effective communicator, facilitator, and personal coach.

Adam WaltmanThrive or Survive Participant

Terri gave me the tools to be more confident and make a decision about the direction I wanted to go in.

Shoshana C‬.Coaching Client

Terri’s passion and life’s dedication is to help people realize their dreams by coaching them on how to let go of their fears and limiting thoughts.

Carol MolkoEditor