Terri’s first book, Life Unwrapped, is a life-changing book. What began as Terri’s quest for understanding and acceptance turned into a beautiful collection of poetry full of insights and deep reflections designed to help others self-explore. Life Unwrapped is a timeless resource that is full of practical tools and life lessons that are applicable to everyone, to all chapters of life, and to all levels of suffering. It inspires readers of all ages to open their minds, shift their perspective, and celebrate their entire journey of life, including both the light and the dark chapters.

Life Unwrapped is available for purchase through chapters.indigo.ca.

Terri’s second book, Mind Unlocked, is a journey of self-reflection that is sure to change your entire perspective on life. As part of her own awakening process, Terri gives herself permission to find and use the keys that will unlock and expose the deepest parts of her being. In her stories of personal growth and transformation, she shares insights and revelations that are real and life altering. Mind Unlocked is an invaluable resource that will help you navigate your way towards a peaceful mind and a balanced life.

Mind Unlocked is available for purchase through chapters.indigo.ca.

The poetry in her novels appears so simple, yet before the reader is aware, he/she is taken on an insightful journey of self-awakening.

Susan MichaelsLife Unwrapped and Mind Unlocked Reader

Written with Terri’s signature poetic grace, each book is a collection of inspiring life stories that will resonate with every reader.

Susan MinukLife Unwrapped and Mind Unlocked Reader

I would read a bit at a time while feeding my babies when I had time to reflect on her wonderful words.

Shoshana C‬‬.Life Unwrapped and Mind Unlocked Reader

It is not only a joy to read but also a book of reference to read over and over again as I go through my journey in life.

Irit ShovalLife Unwrapped Reader