Terri’s March Blog

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Ego Attack


Buddha said, “Your worst enemy cannot harm you, as much as your own thought…unguarded.”


Given my current understanding of the power of the mind, I could not agree more with this phrase. What I am going to do is to expand upon this concept and relate it to an “ego attack.”  Read more

Terri’s February Blog



Forever Incomplete


Have you ever loved a phrase enough to want to use it, surround yourself with it, and try to live by it? Being that I am an avid reader and writer, I often annotate text and highlight my favorite words and concepts. They frequently inspire new poems and workshops. When something truly resonates, the intention immediately becomes to integrate it into my life as a new way of being and/or doing. Read more

Choose “Sustainable Happiness”

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In the middle of my poem entitled Chasing Time I write:

We overschedule our children,
and work ourselves into the ground,
and this becomes our badge of honor
that we so proudly carry around.

It ‘s our default mode, to chase time,
for we know no other way.
It’s even taboo to talk about
the ultimate price we may have to pay.

Read more

Ten Pearls of Wisdom Guaranteed to Help You Write Your Best Chapters Yet…

TerriHorizontal-600x360No matter what chapter you are currently in, the story of your life continues to unfold with you as the main character. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Are you co-creating your script in the best way possible, in order for you—the hero of your story—to realize your full potential and achieve maximum life fulfillment? If you want to take charge of your life, here are ten core philosophies, my favorite pearls of wisdom, that can act as your guideposts and shift your story entirely. Read more