Terri’s June Blog

Making Peace With My Pain at 50:


I consider every birthday to be a cause for celebration and most to be a time for healthy reflection. By that I mean, it’s a good time to review the past and to set goals for the future while at the same time not attaching to any particular outcome. One very important lesson that I’ve learned over the years is that while having a bigger vision and smaller goals are essential, the pressure-filled timeline that usually goes along with them is definitely not.


We cannot possibly control all of the circumstances of our lives. Life is ultimately a co-creation and an unfolding. Of course over the years I’ve had many different visions for my future, some which I have manifested while others I have not. Yet, all things considered, I do my best to acknowledge and celebrate the successes and learn from the rest. I encourage my students and clients to do the same and to consider their “non-successes” not as failures, but rather as teachings that become opportunities for course correction and personal growth. Read more

Terri’s April Blog

Redefining Change: From Transformation to Liberation


So many people get anxious just thinking about change. Every feeling we have and emotion we experience is the result of a thought, a story—of what we have made something mean.


So many of us have made change mean something that feels uncomfortable and is difficult to achieve, and for this reason we tend to feel anxious around it and shy away from it altogether. Read more

Terri’s February Blog


The Truth – Redefined


Warren Buffett wrote: What human beings are best at doing is interpreting all new information so that their prior conclusions remain intact.


In other words, he was confirming the human need for “confirmation bias.” Read more

Terri’s November Blog

Living from a Place of Surrender


Many years ago I read a fascinating book by Michael Singer entitled The Untethered Soul. The book intrigued me from beginning to end. I remember reading the words and thinking they were written precisely for me.


I think Singer was the first person to help me truly grasp what he called “the voice inside your head,” which he referred to as “your inner roommate.” I was already aware of this voice inside of my overthinking mind and therefore was so eager to learn more about it. Read more

Terri’s October Blog


The Power of Other People


There was a title that caught my eye in The New York Times on Sunday, Oct 29, 2017: Happiness Is Other People. Being that I have studied the science of happiness and have learned that happiness is predominantly an inside job, which has nothing to do with other people, I was very curious to read this article.


Ruth Whippman, the author of this article, having spent the past few years researching and writing a book about happiness and anxiety in America, came to the following conclusion: Read more

Terri’s September Blog


Your Very Own Wellness Practice


What does it mean to be spiritual, to invest in your wellness, to pursue self-help; what do these phrases imply? And how do we measure, define, truly understand and most importantly live these concepts?


I dare not even attempt to define spirituality nor what it means to be a spiritual person, for these phrases are entirely subjective and open to so much interpretation. As a spiritual seeker and a wellness coach, however, my intention is to expand my understanding of the spiritual path and thereby help to clarify the topic for myself and for others. Read more