Terri’s March Blog


Unprecedented Times


Although these are unprecedented times as the entire world is suffering at the hands of a global pandemic, we are all in this together. There is so much going around that I would also like to share my own experience and personal take on this.


Coronavirus – Covid 19. This is my first time writing these words out in full. At the beginning of this outbreak, I even had a hard time saying them. The words themselves felt almost taboo, like a forbidden reality. There was a subconscious association to Toronto’s 2003 SARS outbreak, which, at the time, felt like one of the most terrifying chapters of my life. Read more

Terri’s February Blog



Do you Care to Know the Truth?


Most of us know the intellectual meaning behind the phrase, “There is more than what meets the eye,” but have you ever personally experienced it and lived its truth? Do you ever consider the fact that the people you interact with daily could be suffering either emotionally or physically in ways that you could never have known or even imagined?


In order to shed some light on this, I’d like to share my own story with you. Read more

Terri’s January Blog

Information vs. Application


With more than enough access to information channels, it’s easy to acquire knowledge these days. In fact, we are so inundated with information that for many it’s become difficult to be selective and know how to filter out that which is extraneous and prioritize what is necessary.


I cannot say the same for wisdom as it is not acquired. Wisdom is embodied and experienced. I have heard it defined as “knowledge applied.” Read more

Terri’s December Blog

The Sanctity of Speech


For most of my career I’ve addressed the inner narrator, otherwise referred to as our “inner voice,” which is very much like an inner megaphone that speaks to us 24/7, oftentimes on repeat and often with a very critical tone.


To date, much of my career has been driven by science, psychology, Buddhism, and other wisdom teachings. More recently, however, I have decided to return to my Jewish roots and study the Torah & Kabballah in greater depth in order to build an even greater “wellness” foundation. Read more

Terri’s October Blog

Rethinking Your Parenting Approach


Although we all fall into the broader category of human being, which defines our universal, shared characteristics, in being human we each have our own unique ways—our own personal wiring as defined by our individual thoughts, beliefs, stories, biases, values, and even default settings.


As an author, speaker, and coach my topics of study are vast, but two topics that have always been extremely important to me are anxiety and parenting. Anxiety, because of my own personal experience (and challenge) with it and parenting, because it is my number one priority—always has been and always will be. Read more

Terri’s September Blog



Were you aware that many people, young and old, seem to be swimming, or perhaps even drowning in a sea of anxiety—feeling highly stressed and anxious more often than not?


As “human doings,” many of us are extremely busy and feel as if we’re constantly chasing time. Stressed and anxious parents seem to be raising over-programmed and anxious children within a technologically-driven, overthinking, and exhausted society. Read more