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Terri’s October Blog

The Reign of Pain – Again!   Become mindful of it and acknowledge its presence, but don’t let it own you, define you, consume and devour you.   Find comfort in the discomfort, they say, lean into the pain. Embrace it and even befriend it.

Terri’s September Blog

The Unspoken Truth… about Ageing and Purpose:   Finding meaning and attaching to a worthy cause can literally transform one’s life—and at any age!   I would like to share a fascinating story with you.   This past year, I’ve seen a woman’s life transformed right before my very eyes. She happens to be my […]

Terri’s August Blog

The Essence of Circle   This past week I had my host training for Women’s Wellness Circle up in Uxbridge. The training truly resonated with me, but there was one thing in particular that really sealed the deal for me—it was this idea of circle.   Being that I had not yet experienced a wellness […]

Terri’s July Blog

  Summertime is filled with a beautiful energy—with longer days to celebrate life, vibrant colors and scents filling nature’s landscape, and more time to reflect. I am so grateful for the warmth and beauty of summer.   Although I have written all of my blogs in prose, many of you know that poetry was always […]

Terri’s May Blog

The Facebook Fallacy   Last week I was speaking with my children about how to expand my reach in order to impact more people as speaker and coach, and they encouraged me to increase my Facebook presence. Being that I am not a great fan of social media, especially Facebook, I did express some resistance, […]

Terri’s April Blog

Seeking to Clarify Purpose:   In Week two of my Thinkaholism workshop, we begin the process of transforming our stories by first examining our core values and trying to identify our purpose.   In previous blogs, I have spoken to the importance of living a meaningful and purposeful life. In this blog, I will clarify […]

Terri’s March Blog

  Your Thinking is Optional. (What do you Think?)   In today’s blog, I would like to expand upon some of the concepts that I introduced in my January blog, entitled Confessions of a Thinkaholic.   I believe that so many of us seek out external pleasures in our attempts to alleviate our suffering and/or […]

Terri’s February Blog

     The Paradox of Our Times:     I think that most of us live it every day, but do we see it, do we feel it—do we understand the paradox of our times?   I never fully grasped the concept of paradox before—I think I understood it intellectually but not emotionally.   Just […]

Terri’s September Blog

    Invest in Meaning—Negotiate a Life that Matters   A nugget of wisdom I would love to share: You don’t find your calling or your purpose in life; it finds you.   Your calling unfolds and emerges over time. However, what it does require is a path to find you—to meet you where you […]

Terri’s June Blog

    Thank You Pixar: Inside Out is a True Masterpiece!   For years now, as an author, speaker, and life coach, I’ve been studying the mind and the brain—and what I have discovered is that they are all-powerful and utterly fascinating.   What I have also discovered is that people don’t know much about […]