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Terri’s August Blog

  A Missing Piece of the Mental Health Puzzle:   Mental health is a topic that is both front and center these days. It is a pervasive problem that affects everyone on some level and thus needs to stay at the forefront. But in addition, I am suggesting a slight, yet very important, shift of […]

Terri’s July Blog

“Life Untriggered”          “If I do not want what you want, please try not to tell me that my want is wrong.         Or if I believe other than you, at least pause before you correct my view.          Or if my emotion is less than […]

Terri’s June Blog

  You are “Good Enough”—AS YOU ARE!   A few weeks ago I learned that a friend of mine had sadly taken her own life. As tragic as this was, I understood. For only a year and a half earlier had her daughter and only child, also taken her own life.   A truly heart […]

Terri’s May Blog

Empty Nest – Temporarily Refilling   Two years ago, in the fall of 2015, my husband and I officially entered the empty nest chapter as our youngest son left home for University. After the initial shock wore off, we set the intention to explore and re-create our new “family dynamic.”   Entering any new phase […]

Terri’s April Blog

  What it Means to Commit   Are you a dreamer—a firm believer or a visionary and a committed advocate? Do you only hope, wish for, talk about, and set intentions—or do you also plan, act, commit, and stay motivated to bringing your goals to fruition?   I’ve learned that every true commitment involves three parts: […]

Terri’s March Blog

The Promise of Epigenetics   The current buzzword in the scientific community is epigenetics. The one just prior was neuroplasticity. And why are they such fascinating concepts? Because both reveal the power that lies within every human being—power that is just waiting to be reclaimed! Neuroplasticity speaks to our ability to rewire and retrain our […]

Terri’s February Blog

Why Settle?   “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—leave well enough alone!”   Really? Why is sufficient enough? What about seeking to improve upon that which is mediocre? What about helping someone to move from “no longer depressed” to “happy”? What about making something wonderful?

Terri’s January Blog

The Art of Living a Virtuous Life   They say that we grow wiser with age. What I believe to be the foundation of this truth is that as we age we mature and get humbled by life. This opens our minds and hearts to possibility and allows us to dig deeper in order to […]

Terri’s December Blog

The Gift of a Peak Experience   My ultimate concern: People are too “busy” to embrace the gift of an individual moment let alone to discover the gift of a peak experience.   My ultimate prayer: Everyone in his or her lifetime will be granted the gift of at least one peak experience, if not […]

Terri’s November Blog

Mid-Life Introspection: The Truth of Life   Every so often when I reflect on my life, I find myself returning to rhyme, to express life’s greatest lessons as they have evolved for me over time.   We do not walk down a single path, on a road that’s predictable, certain, and straight. Oftentimes we trek […]