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Terri’s January Blog

Information vs. Application   With more than enough access to information channels, it’s easy to acquire knowledge these days. In fact, we are so inundated with information that for many it’s become difficult to be selective and know how to filter out that which is extraneous and prioritize what is necessary.   I cannot say […]

Terri’s December Blog

The Sanctity of Speech   For most of my career I’ve addressed the inner narrator, otherwise referred to as our “inner voice,” which is very much like an inner megaphone that speaks to us 24/7, oftentimes on repeat and often with a very critical tone.   To date, much of my career has been driven […]

Terri’s October Blog

Rethinking Your Parenting Approach   Although we all fall into the broader category of human being, which defines our universal, shared characteristics, in being human we each have our own unique ways—our own personal wiring as defined by our individual thoughts, beliefs, stories, biases, values, and even default settings.   As an author, speaker, and coach […]

Terri’s September Blog

The EMOTIONAL ABC’s of WELLNESS   Were you aware that many people, young and old, seem to be swimming, or perhaps even drowning in a sea of anxiety—feeling highly stressed and anxious more often than not?   As “human doings,” many of us are extremely busy and feel as if we’re constantly chasing time. Stressed and anxious […]

Terri’s July Blog

Pixar Studios Presents Another Masterpiece in Toy Story 4   In my June 2015 blog entitled Thank You Pixar: Inside Out is a True Masterpiece, I wrote the following:   “I am here to express my gratitude to Pixar for bringing this timely topic of emotions to life, by magically weaving together science, psychology, storytelling, and artistic genius.”

Terri’s June Blog

  A City United by Sport   I don’t consider myself to be an avid sports fan. I absolutely love sports, but I find that watching complete games or tournaments can be quite boring and even laborious, given their length. After I’ve wasted hours in front of any screen, I always have to justify whether or […]

Terri’s May Blog

The “OCD” Overthinking Mind   My personal focus as an author, speaker, and coach is on mental health and wellness. I help people to quiet their overthinking mind and build their emotional muscle. I have learned and experienced first hand that a trained mind can help to quiet an overthinking mind. I have also learned that […]

Terri’s March Blog

The Cost of Being Too Busy   How often do you use the word “busy” to describe the state of your life? It seems like it’s really in fashion these days to be busy.   Although busy is defined as having a great deal to do, I get the feeling that we all experience “being […]

Terri’s January Blog

  Parenting—Then & Now   Parenthood is one of the greatest gifts. Becoming a parent three times offered me my three greatest blessings. Taking on the role of mother felt right, natural, and beautiful. I felt loved, appreciated, and needed. And then…things changed.   The kids grew up, technology advanced, devices of all kinds emerged, […]

Terri’s December Blog

  Powerful Questions for the New Year   When you make mental wellness a priority—you lay the foundation for a beautiful life. An important statement, no doubt, but what does it mean to you?   My greatest teaching from the field of coaching is the importance of a powerful question. Every powerful question, meaning one […]