Terri&MotherVerticalI have had the honor and privilege to partake in many different careers over the years, and for this I am most grateful. My first job was as a teacher in a grade four classroom. This quickly evolved into my second job, and number one priority, of being a stay-at-home mother and wife. Sixteen years after the birth of my first child I became a published author, and a few years later, a motivational speaker and life coach.

My spiritual journey began many years ago in adolescence, when, after a seven-year wild goose chase, I was finally diagnosed with a chronic pain syndrome. In search of tools to cope with my physical and emotional pain, I began reading, and I remain an avid reader, especially of self-help topics, even to this day.

While fulfilling my very important roles within my family, as mother, wife, and daughter, I still found time to continue my journey as a lifelong student of the highly acclaimed “school of life.” Learning was always my passion. I attended numerous self-help workshops and seminars and have devoted myself to personal growth and self-improvement.

About ten years ago, my dear mother embarked on a personal journey and battle with cancer that sadly resulted in her untimely death five years later. Sharing in my mother’s journey only accelerated my personal quest for renewal and a life of meaning and purpose.

In time, I gave myself permission to honor and celebrate my mother’s legacy as a writer and poet in her own right. I moved on from grieving into creating, and within five months of my mother’s passing I published my own book of inspirational poetry entitled Life Unwrapped.

This first book, Life Unwrapped, was a genuine reflection of my journey. I admit that I was wrapped up, for many years, in false beliefs and limiting fears. I acknowledge that living Life Unwrapped freed me of many of my self-imposed boundaries. I describe my first book as being part one of my journey of awakening and transformation.

Three years later, after a most challenging medical chapter with my youngest child, I went on to publish my second book, Mind Unlocked, which I consider to be part two of this same journey. In this book, I gave myself permission to dig even deeper and unlock those parts of me that continued to resist. I am currently working on book three, as the chapters of my life continue to unfold. My most recent realization is that my daily practice has to include action toward fear and uncertainty, for knowledge, alone, is never enough.

There are many people who choose to live within their very safe boxes, unable to venture out of their comfort zones. They are fearful, limited, often unhappy and bored, and full of excuses as to why they cannot change. I eventually expanded beyond my writing skill-set to include speaking and coaching, in order to support the change journey in others and honor my core value of being of service. My ultimate goal is to excite and ignite people and help them transition from stuck to empowered, allowing them to find a meaningful, happy, and truly satisfying life.