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The beauty and flow of Terri’s poetry is an uplifting gift to the reader, full of universal truths and enlightenment. Superficially the poetry in her novels appears so simple, yet before the reader is aware, he/she is taken on an insightful journey of self-awakening with incredible depths of life’s wisdom. Life Unwrapped and Mind Unlocked are must-reads for anyone trying to find the real meaning of self-fulfillment, success, and happiness.

Susan Michaels

Author, Terri Klein, has written two books Life Unwrapped and Mind Unlocked. These books have left an impact with me for life. Written with Terri’s signature poetic grace, each book is a collection of inspiring life stories that will resonate with every reader. I invite you to learn about Terri’s life journey, read her books, learn her lessons. Terri will give you the tools on how to apply mindfulness to your life and lead you to a joyful, rich, and rewarding journey.

Susan Minuk

Terri’s books are inspiring and uplifting. I would read a bit at a time while feeding my babies when I had time to reflect on her wonderful words. I recommend her books to all young moms.

Shoshana C.

Terri Klein’s exceptional book of poetry, Life Unwrapped, has provided me with wisdom, guidance, tears, and laughter. I felt a part of her life journey and could relate to many of her experiences. It is not only a joy to read but also a book of reference to read over and over again as I go through my journey in life. Thank you for a special work of art!

Irit Shoval


Terri’s high energy and conviction in getting the most out of life by investing in one’s emotional well-being is truly inspiring.  Her talk motivated me to take up her challenge to start better habits that restore, recharge, and renew my mind and body.  Her simple strategy for committing to change a few habits at home and work can be put to practice right away. (Sept. 15/16)

Theo Heldman,
Vice President at Invesco

I recently attended a session with Terri; she was amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed the tips she provided for a more wholesome life.  The part that stuck with me the most was how to be more mindful and the benefits of mindfulness.  I have started putting her words into practice and I can already see the difference!  Thanks Terri for an awesome presentation!

Vanessa G.
Supervisor, Client Administration

I have attended a great workshop with Terri Klein on Wellness and how to change our lifestyle patterns, views and beliefs, in order to feel more alive and healthy.
I loved her dynamic presentation; she was so alive herself, present, open, receptive, and inspirational!
She showed a very interesting PowerPoint video, covering many aspects of our lives, physical, emotional, and spiritual.
She also gave us great tools to help us to apply her method, developed from her own life experience and practice, including a great questionnaire to take with us, to facilitate and foster our first steps into creating a new expanded Wellness and aliveness.
Terri is also great at relating and connecting with people. She makes you feel very comfortable and totally stimulates and motivates you!
I encourage everyone to check her out…

How to Thrive Workshop: Nov. 29/16

I had the pleasure of participating in Terri Klein’s Thinkaholism workshop and came away with a newfound perspective on how our minds work. By using personal examples as well as research into her subject matters, Terri leaves no stone unturned when discussing her curriculum. She is detailed, understanding and a great listener, helping relate personal concerns to what she is teaching. Terri’s passion for her work shines through and her ability to connect with those she is working with is a great strength.

Mike Koreen (Thinkaholism 6-Week Workshop: March – April, 2016)

I am so impressed with what you have created. Terri, I think your program is comprehensive and completely relatable to anyone who is open to improving his/her emotional life. I wish you the best of luck. Your enthusiasm is palpable!

Sheri Kagan (Thinkaholism 6-Week Workshop: March – April, 2016)

I’m grateful to have taken part in your 6 week coaching lecture series and it’s evident you have a true passion for helping others.  Thank you for being there throughout this process as a guide and support.  You really helped me shine a light on some of the old thought patterns and limiting beliefs that have kept me stuck for quite some time.  The process of bringing awareness to my limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering self-thoughts and feelings was pretty incredible and transformative. On a personal note, some of the strategies and self-coaching techniques we focused on have been instrumental in adjusting the way I communicate and experience time spent with my family and friends, but most importantly our children.  I feel like I’ve hit the “reset” button and feel inspired to continue along this journey with some great insights and new perspectives.  Thank you for sharing your story and message of hope with us.

David Hanser (Thinkaholism 6-Week Workshop: March – April, 2016)

Terri Klein is a phenomenal life coach. I recently attended her Thinkaholism workshop and she had my undivided attention the entire time. I am excited to use her booklets and workbooks to implement the important lessons she has taught me. The importance of keeping our minds healthy and exercising them just as much as we exercise our bodies resonates with me. Terri is an inspiration and I am looking forward to learning more as she continues to educate.

Irit Shoval (Periodontist)

Thinkaholism Workshop: Dental Practice – March 22/16

Terri led an engaging team building session at our office. Within the time constraints that we needed, Terri was able to open our minds to getting ourselves out of our own ruts. She gave us the tools to change our own negative stories and ‎and to transform them into positive and empowering beliefs. She touched each of us – even with our varied backgrounds and stages of life. Terri provided us with doable “work” to take home to start our personal growth. Although her session was just a taste of what one can get out of her multi-session programs, we were all motivated to challenge our negative belief systems, and become a stronger team.
Thank you Terri!

Andrea Heckler (Orthodontist)

Thinkaholism Workshop: Dental Practice – March 22/16

Terri Klein’s groundbreaking Thinkaholism workshop is a condensed and thorough compilation of the most essential and current neuroscience-based revelatory theories that will prove to be one of the most powerful workshops ever—on mindfully moving forward. Terri is an engaging and captivating facilitator who delivers practical tools for real results. Vital for all individuals, couples, parents, families, professionals, managers, students, and educators, this motivating and exhilarating workshop can change your life!

Alison Green (Dating Coach & Professional Matchmaker)

Family Thinkaholism Workshop: December 22, 2015

Terri Klein, in her lecture The Tug-of-War of Change, artfully delivers a message that is relevant, meaningful, and practical. She challenges us to take stock of our current selves, encouraging us to be realistic and open-minded as we evaluate our core values, beliefs, and perceptions. She asks us to consider whether or not our current state of being encumbers us, leaving us feeling unfulfilled; or drives us towards action and a more meaningful life. Terri’s lecture is enhanced by personal case studies and heart felt, anecdotal examples. She effectively combines the  “conceptual” with the “pragmatic” and ultimately leaves her audience with a prescription for achieving positive change in both attitude and behaviour – an “action plan” for achieving self-actualization.

Terri’s The Tug-of-War of Change has structure and depth; she is a skillful life coach and educator; and her message is substantial. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success – many can and will benefit from your insight!

Daniel Waltman

It has been my privilege to know Terri Klein and her family for several years as her rabbi.  However, I recently have had the opportunity to see her in an entirely new light and I am very impressed.  I always knew that she was a warm, kind and empathetic individual with a unique spirit, yet now I see how Terri has been able to channel these qualities in an entirely new direction.  As a motivational speaker, Terri now projects those talents to a wider audience, empowering them to make their lives more meaningful and fulfilling, giving them the tools they need to better themselves.

At a recent presentation I attended, entitled The Tug-of-War of Change, I was able to feel her warmth immediately as were the others in the audience. And though there was a large audience present, I immediately felt as though she was speaking to me personally.  Terri is a very talented individual with a very special ability to communicate with others and I look forward to hearing her other presentations in the future as she grows and enables others to do the same.

Rabbi David Seed

I had the privilege to attend Terri’s lecture, The Tug-of-War of Change. Listening to Terri, I was inspired to try and recognize some of my behaviours or thoughts about the world or myself, which may not have enabled me to grow as a person and even prevent me from living the life I deserve.

I was also able to remember the times when, with a little effort and trust, I listened to someone’s advice and did change a thought, which in turn changed my life for the better. This is an inspiring lecture and I recommend anyone wishing to reinvent him or herself in some way to attend and be inspired.

Sylvie B.

I recently had the privilege of attending Terri’s Tug-of-War of Change program. It was an inspiring experience. In our current world’s fast-paced existence, the relative speed and depth of change that occurs can be phenomenally overwhelming. Terri took us through a calm process of the recognition of a problem all the way to providing us with necessary tools to approach our everyday life with more effectiveness and serenity.  She created a participatory and empathetic environment where the group was able to benefit from the varied experiences of the attendees. Further, Terri shared her own experiences, which gave the whole process an intimate yet professional feel. I would highly recommend Terri and her program. I have used the take-aways every day with game-changing effects.

Mike Shriqui

My fiancé and I recently participated in the Thrive or Survive workshop presented by Mrs. Terri Klein. Terri is a highly effective communicator, facilitator, and personal coach. Her presentation is well organized and insightful; she addresses the essential strategies for building healthy and lasting relationships while offering practical examples and case studies to engage her audience and generate meaningful discussion. As a newly engaged couple, my fiancé and I were inspired by Terri’s coaching/mentorship and thoroughly enjoyed her workshop.

Adam Waltman


Coaching with Terri has quite literally transformed my life.  I connected so quickly and readily with her brilliant concept of “story” and how these fictions that we create about ourselves hold us back from fulfilling our true purpose.  With Terri’s guidance, in a matter of weeks I was able to not only identify a very destructive life-long story, but re-write a new one for myself that has truly given me a sense of joy that I never dreamed possible.  Terri’s passion for the material and her compassion for her clients shines through in every session.  I am forever grateful for the skills I have learned and the wisdom I have, and will continue to gain, along this journey.

Kelli Cote (Coaching January – March, 2016)

Certified Personal Trainer

Terri appeared in my life as a coach at a time I needed her most. I was struggling with being a mother of two and working full time. She was able to help me investigate myself and decide what my priorities were. Terri gave me the tools to be more confident and make a decision about the direction I wanted to go in. I am so grateful she was there with me on that journey. I am so happy with the choices I made.

Shoshana C.

Terri Klein’s passion and life’s dedication to help people of all ages and walks of life realize their dreams and true potential by coaching them on how to let go of their fears and limiting thoughts is all too evident in everything that she does and creates.

From accomplished inspirational poet and author, to vibrant motivational speaker, workshop leader and life coach, her words of wisdom, extensive knowledge and experience take you to levels that you didn’t know were even possible, let alone doable!

Her latest lecture on The Tug-of-War of Change is a true testament to her insight and ability to tackle a very complex yet universal phenomenon and present it in a very understandable and meaningful way that not only enlightens you, but motivates you to “take positive action” and make that change!

Carol Molko