TerriVertical1Terri Klein is a published author, an engaging speaker, and a passionate coach. She has published two books, Life Unwrapped and Mind Unlocked, and has an established lecture series and coaching practice. She refuses to buy into people’s perceived limitations and false beliefs. Terri’s mission statement is: Let go of the old story, if it is not serving you well, and write a new one that excites and ignites you. Through her relatable and powerful perspectives, Terri offers you a new script, with a clear direction and endless possibility.

As a speaker, Terri has a profound impact on her audiences. What is most compelling is how she effortlessly and seamlessly combines prose and poetry to open minds and transform lives. The art of Terri’s speaking, coaching, and writing is a blend of her entire repertoire of self-help resources, which she has built up over the years as part of her own personal growth journey. What is most valuable about Terri’s public speaking and coaching style is that her take-home messages always include a call to action toward reaching your goals.

Terri writes, speaks, and coaches by drawing from a myriad of real life examples, including her own personal experiences. In giving herself permission to be vulnerable, she gives others the opportunity to connect with her at a deeper level. The chapters of Terri’s life have been full of joy and sorrow, triumph and disappointment. She has learned how to extract the learning from all of her experiences and is inspired to share her gifts of wisdom with others. Terri lives in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, with her dear husband and three precious children.